7th March 2016

Abstract submission deadline extended to the 15th May!

The registration portal and the abstract submission portal are now both live for the EURACT Educational Conference. Go to the following link  to register and/or submit an abstract. The submission date has been extended to the 15th May.

This conference is the first of its kind, designed to specifically address the needs of all of those involved in educating doctors in the Specialty of General Practice/Family Medicine across Basic Medical Education, Postgraduate Training and Continuing Medical Education. As medicine increases in complexity, our specialty faces numerous pressures and our patients access healthcare advice through non-traditional channels we are challenged to provide appropriate education and training for a new reality in General Practice/Family Medicine. General Practice/Family Medicine 2.0.

Our aim is to create an exciting conference, bringing together educators and researchers from all over Europe to exchange knowledge and ideas, to encourage collaboration. We will encourage a strong emphasis on the role of research in supporting educational development and we will also invite guests from leading IT companies to contribute to the conference.

Our keynote speakers have been selected to inspire and guide our journey through this exciting conference. Prof Amanda Howe, UK, will speak to
‘What is the future of General Practice/Family Medicine and how do we prepare and educate doctors for it?’. Prof Mette Brekke, Norway will speak to
“Building a strong foundation for the future: quality General Practice/Family Medicine education in medical schools”.

We have designed a number of themes for our Workshops, Oral Presentations and Poster Presentations. These themes can be examined in any of the presentation formats and focusing specifically on BME, Post Graduate or CME or indeed a more global approach.
The conferences offers in a unique way, a forum to researchers and offers them the opportunity to validate their findings and to receive feedback from a panel of experienced educators and trainers.


  • Teaching new medical technology
  • Recruiting and selecting Trainees
  • Assessment
  • New teaching methods
  • Curriculum Development
  • The Humanities in GP/FM Education
  • “Your online self” – guidance for Trainees/Educators
  • Teaching Research
  • Teaching in General Practice/Family Medicine as part of a portfolio career.